Issue No. 2: Call for Submissions

Moonrise is officially getting a second issue!

Since sitting down to write my first editor’s letter and sending Issue No. 1 to the printers, I’ve mailed out over 50 copies and received so much love, support, and ideas from so many of you.

It’s all more than enough to fill up a new volume, so let’s do it.

Last time, we rallied around the cry of, “Take back ritual!”

This time, let’s talk about springtime, renewal, and change. Let’s talk about rebirth.

Write about fresh starts, healing rituals, where you come from, or where you’re going. Tell your own origin story, or read us your own future. Tell us what rebirth means to you.

Any medium, any length. Feel free to pitch me a piece or project before diving in, or to go ahead and send in your work to If we’ve chatted before, I’ll be in touch.

Let’s do this between now and June 30.* I’ll take it from there, tie it all together, and release the zine into the world throughout the summer. Contributors will be gifted with a copy of the zine.

Sound good? Let me know. I can’t wait to hear from you.

*5/21 Update: Submissions now open until June 30.

Written by Missy J. Kennedy. 

Missy is the creator and editor of Moonrise, and lives in Boston with her plants. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @missyjkennedy.


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