Issue No. 2: Tell Me About Your Grandma


In deciding the theme for Issue No. 2 (rebirth), I thought a lot about where, and who, we come from. This brought to mind one of my favorite topics: grandmas (mine pictured above).

I love to hear about everyone’s grandmas, or aunts, great-aunts, great friends, neighbors, and what have you. I love stories about the babes who came before us, who inspire us, teach us, confuse us, and school us. There’s a saying that nobody else ever wants to read your family history, and maybe that’s true for the most conventional narrative constructions.

But I think our curiosity for each other extends to what, and who, shapes us. And I, for one, want to read about your grandmas. In fact, I want us all to read about your grandmas.

I invite you all to share them for the second issue of Moonrise. Here’s how it will work.


Dig into your memories of your grandma (or great-aunt, etc.) and email me any or all of these:

  • Your favorite memory of your grandma.
  • Something that inspires you about your grandmother.
  • Something you learned from your grandma, whether they said it or you saw it.
  • Something you got from your grandma, whether a trait, a characteristic, or a habit.
  • A picture of an object of your grandma’s or that reminds you of your grandma.
  • A picture of your grandma.

Or, go freeform! Write as much or as little as you want. If it’s a serious submission, I will take it seriously (as in, don’t be that guy on Twitter who tweeted a bad grandma-related abuse joke at me; as in his case, I will only respond with “Heavens!” if the entry is not serious).

I will print it in Issue No. 2.

I will include as few or as many entries as I receive, whether that’s two pages or twenty. I will figure out a way to thank you: a reduced price for the issue (TBD) and some free swag.

Sound good? Email me here:

Sound Off

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