Rebirth in Embroidery

Hand embroidery.



“I was analyzing fashion articles and images in an early 19th century magazine known as Ackermann’s Repository (The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions, and Politics, published in London by Rudolph Ackermann). In some issues they included needlework patterns for readers to use, and I specifically loved the design from December 1812. Despite being over 200 years old, the designs still have a vibrant and contemporary look that feels similar to the work of many embroidery artists today, and shares many of the same botanical motifs. (It makes me so happy to think that people have been crazy about embroidering plants for generations!) So I decided to bring one of the designs from Ackermann’s to life! There are no instructions for how to actually execute the design, but presumably the idea was that readers of the magazine could use this as a starting point and pick their favorite materials, colors, and objects to embroider. Could be done as a border on a dress or a decorative piece. Mine is a border on a tea towel!”

By Jessica Barker.

Jessica is an emerging costume history scholar, content creator, and all-around renaissance gal currently pursuing a master’s degree at NYU. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest at @jessinbooots.

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