Three Poems



obscuring light

like that animal part

of you

and all these stumbling blocks


in a moment

if you let them—

winter’s break. Mending

spring’s rage to cease at last

summer’s search ending

in this howl of release.

The fall

comes up floating.

And love. Your bridge is waiting

if you let your shadows drown

in raw eclipse.


Wait for the rising

she comes


to swallow all

that you might release.

Wolves in the night

sing to her

our light in the dark

pulling hearts

across the sky. Whispering

quiet delight

at the sight. Our eyes


in gossamer glow.


The black moon

is leaning in.

To dig out my aches

and I say to her—

gather my truths

tenderly in your palms

and breathe wisdom in

to the dark places.

Let this be kindling

for greater things.

By Jaimee Ulmer.

Jaimee is a mixed media artist and writer, tattoo collector, moon lover, and mom to three wild warrior boys. Follow her on Instagram at @_havenwood and @when.jain.types.

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